Semester Off is an innovative educational enrichment program changing lives of young adults

How it works

A customized, part-time experience is crafted with the particular student’s most pressing needs in mind.

Typically, students who pursue this option fall into one of the following categories:

• They have already completed the Full Semester Experience, or they wish to join Semester Off significantly after the start of our semester.

• They live 1+ hour away and commuting 5 days/week to Wellesley is prohibitive.

• They have other concurrent responsibilities (e.g., a job or internship).


Part-time Semester Experiences have ranged from 2-15 hours per week, and pricing varies based on the particular student’s engagement at Semester Off. $2,000 - $12,000.


To apply, please fill out Contact Form or call/email


Phone: (781) 318-3223